Dear customer, we say thank you and highest appreciation for the trust given to PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) through cooperation in fulfilling requirement of goods/service to give added value at business/create business opportunity and using potency which you have.
To be able to serve you better, please give me your feedback on the following questions :

Customer Questionnaire

Bagaimana kerjasama yang ditunjukkan oleh kolega anda di PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) untuk mendukung usaha anda pada produk yang anda pesan?
What’s your opinion about the response PT PAL time that given to your offer?
How satisfied were you with abilities of PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) in handling your request?
How satisfied were you with the courtesy, professionalism and friendliness in PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero)?
How satisfied were you with the price offered?
How satisfied were you the delivery time?
How satisfied were you with customer service that given by PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) ?
How satisfied were you with the term of payment that given by PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero)?
Do you agree with the issue of bribery during the project work process?
Would you give a recommendation to your colleage to cooperate with PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) ? Give Explanation
What do you expect from cooperation with PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero)?